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After much deliberation and prayer, we have determined that while it is not in keeping with the Scriptures to solicit funds by prodding or manipulating God's people, it is also not proper to hide the needs of others from our supporters. Therefore, it is within God’s will for us to share our missionary vision and specific work with other Christians and publish reports of God’s faithful dealings with us. This may be accomplished through the following means:

  • Our Monthly E-newsletter. The main purpose of the newsletter is to inform our supporters regarding the direction of our mission work, our stewardship, and the things that have been accomplished through their giving. We also seek to provide articles, reports, and testimonies from the field that will encourage the readers in their walk with God and in the work of the Great Commission. Sign up to receive our free newsletter by subscribing at the bottom of the home page.

  • Our Website. The RTS Missions' website has much the same purpose as our newsletter but with more detailed information and the greater flexibility of the internet. Please be sure to visit our website often for updated information, testimonies and pictures from the field. 

  • Visiting Churches upon Request. We will not solicit donations from churches or individuals under any circumstance, but we will visit churches and other Christian gatherings (mission conferences, etc.) upon their request. Our presentation to any church or conference will always be in conformity to the requests of the leadership. Most often, we are asked to make an oral presentation, with or without media, and to set up an information table. In our presentation, we will share our purpose, convictions, methodology, and present work, but we will not solicit funds. We will however, share our needs with any church that initiates that conversation, as well as our partnering churches.

  • Speaking engagements.  President and CEO, Greg Shepherd, has been asked to speak at many different venues.  Greg loves every opportunity to share Christ and the messages of how He is working and pursuing each of us.  From being kicked out of high school, becoming an alcoholic, losing his driver's license for life; to getting saved, helping plant a church, being ordained, becoming a missionary and founding RTS Missions, Greg has a unique way of sharing his life experiences to meet just about any audience.

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