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house 2 house

This is an amazing trip because the teams get up close and personal with the beautiful people of the Dominican Republic building relationships and sharing the Gospel.  The teams will walk house to house getting to know families, helping with whatever they might find and sharing the Gospel using a number of different evangelism products.  EvangeCube, witnessing bracelets, wordless books, etc…  

vacation bible school

Vacation Bible School is basically the same all over the world.  You will have the opportunity to interact with our school children and partnering churches sharing the love of Christ to children and the community through Bible messages, Skits, crafts and recreation.  You have the option of visiting a different location each day (Monday - Thursday), or staying at the same location.  These teams come up with their own Bible messages, Skits, crafts and recreation games.  Each day you will give a full group Gospel presentation.

construction ministry

We have a need for those who like to get their hands dirty.  We have numerous opportunities to be involved changing lives.  From building homes, churches, walls, and classrooms to painting and property clean-up, as well as everything in between.  Visit our "Special Projects" page for ideas on how you and your team can help.


One our fastest growing trip choice.  Absolutely no major agenda (Well there is one) except to hear belly laughs from children all day.  Have your team pack bags of hope for the kids at Christmas time.  You even have the option of bringing your bags to the Dominican Republic to personally deliver them.  We have thousands of bags delivered and hand them out to our schools, children in our partnering churches and communities the second and third week of December before the kids get out for break.  A typical day is arriving and signing songs, as well as having a fun time playing all kinds of games outside.  We bring them all in for a large group Gospel presentation, feed them a hot nutritious meal, share the true reason for the season, and then give every child a Christmas Bag of Hope.


Come help us love on the kids, share the Gospel, and give them a funtastic Summer break.  These teams will come with some of their own ideas for fun and games, as well as help our staff administer some of our own creations.  Each day will be filled with Faith, Fun, and Food.


Even basic medical care is mostly non-existent or just out of reach for people in rural areas.  Our medical clinic can handle just about every type of medical team.  The need is great and your team will have a huge impact in the lives of families.  


Do you have the gift of teaching?  The pastors and their leadership have a deep desire for theology training.  They thirst for God's word.  Whether you are coming to teach for a couple days, a conference, or seminary class your gift will have a lasting impact.

We also have a desire for those to lead men, women, and marriage conferences.

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