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Our program is operating in two settings.  First, the kids in our community.  We have groups filled with children, both Haitian and Dominican from the surrounding areas.

Second, we are in the local elementary and high schools offering after school discipleship programs.


Each program has roughly 45 children broken into three classes based on age.  Each class has their own teacher.  This gives each teacher 15 kids to disciple, love, encourage and care for.

The curriculum is a chronological teaching of the Bible as well as how they can apply those teachings in their day to day lives.


Throughout the year, students are offered opportunities to go out into the community and put what they have learned into action.  

Our team will lead them in going house to house sharing the love of Christ, as well as community service projects.

One His Kids Club of 45 children costs roughly $675 a month.  That is just $15 per child to disciple each month.  This covers teachers, curriculum, supplies, outreach and snacks.

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