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The Vision


Can you see a collective effort focused on one thing? Can you see the power of a group of people coming together for a common cause? We can see it! As a matter of fact, we can see a collective group with one vision...one cause changing the world, but we are going to start with one area of Haiti for now. Our vision...our belief is that there are over 1,000,000 people across this country that would give $1 to save a child's life. There are probably 1,000,000 just in our area alone that could give $1 to save a child's life.


​Think about it for a minute. We are not asking for $500, $1,000, or $10,000 donations (if you feel led, by all means) from people or companies. We are asking you to give up $1 out of the year to potentially save a child's life and be part of changing a country. This is so ridiculously easy it might be hard to comprehend. We are asking you to give $1 (one dollar) this year to this project. We are also asking you to get as many people as you know to also just give $1 this year. You will be part of the most amazing grassroots humanitarian effort around. You will be part of something HUGE by giving just $1 (one dollar) this year. Please visit our "What Do I Do? page for more details on this life-changing project.

A School For 350


Our vision is to build a state-of-the- art school for 350 children that will be a catalyst for future schools in Haiti.  This school will not only have the resources children and teachers need to develop children into community and world changers, but it will also be a teacher development center offering training and encouragement to teachers throughout the region.  As we are able to help teachers grow in their own education and development, the benefit to the children will be exponential.

A Children's Home for 150


Through out Haiti there is a vast need to care for the children.  Orphans and at risk children are literally everywhere.  Our children's home will be a safe-haven for some of these children.  These children will be loved, educated, cared for, and filled with encouragement.  The children will have very comfortable living and sleeping accommodations, play area, dining hall, as well as responsibilities building character and integrity.

Tilapia Fish Farm Training Center


Our project includes a fish farm that will produce about 10,000 pounds of fish a month.  This will allow us to create jobs as well as battle the hunger and malnutrition crisis.  Fish is high in protein and has been labeled "Brain Food."  It is vital to the proper development our bodies need.  Our goal is also to identify teenagers that have a particular interest in this process as they are learning how it works in school, to train and educate these individuals on how to create, operate, and maintain these fish farms.  As we mention below, our goal will be to duplicate this project in other parts of Haiti creating additional jobs and helping people with their own business.

Development & Growth Complex


This complex will serve as a training and development center.  We will use this complex to train the Haitian public in several areas to help create economic growth.  It will be a training facility for people to gain small business practices, it will be a location offering teacher training conferences, offer additional techniques on agriculture, aquaponics and hydroponics, teach trades like sewing, as well as other educational opportunities.  It will also offer a program to develop spiritual maturity for those called to start new churches.



The RTS Missions ministry property alone will need to fill a number of positions.  We will need to employ security, teachers, ground crew, children's home care-givers, cooks, electricians, administrators, and many more positions.  We will also need to employ individuals for our various projects lke the fish farm. As you will see below, as we duplicate our process the opportunity for more jobs will increase as well. Our goal is to help people start their own business with our help and eventually become self-sustaining.

Child Slavery


Our call is to reach the future generations in Haiti.  We can not do this without reaching the 300,000 plus children in Haiti that are in bondage due to child slavery.  These children are called "Restaveks."  This project will help us build, maintain, and operate safe-havens for these precious children.  We will be to offer them a real home, an education, love, confidence, encouragement, healing, and hope.



This project is not just for one area.  The goal of our ministry and this project is to duplicate what we create in other areas of Haiti reaching those in dire need and creating jobs throughout Haiti.  This is no small task, but it is possible.  As we duplicate our efforts, more and more children are educated, more teachers are trained, more individuals will be able to work, more churches will be started, more opportunities for individuals to become world changers, and more starving and malnourished children will be fed.

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