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Around the world, 690 million people go to bed with an empty stomach.  There is a major food crisis.  In the Caribbean, over 16% of the population is undernourished.  Our ministry provides 40,000 meals a month to children in need.  There are so many more hungry kids that need a meal.



With over 300,000 children stuck in modern day slavery, Haiti is in the top 10 of the Global Slavery Index.  We desire to partner with leading organizations educating communities through the local church about this devastating problem.  Your support gives us the resources to educate and encourage communities.



As beautiful as the DR is, it happens to be the third largest international crime enterprise of Human Trafficking.  With our location on the border, we desire to be a voice; a refuge of hope.  Your support will help us be a light in the darkness.



Healthcare in rural areas of Haiti and the DR are almost non-existent.  Our medical clinic in the DR works closely with other healthcare providers caring for the least of these.  If you are a medical professional, contact us about serving at our clinic in the DR for a week.  Maybe longer.

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