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His vision is our vision.  In 2007 I started thinking about how I could help the people of Haiti. I mean really help, above and beyond the transporting of goods and leading teams to serve the beautiful people of Haiti.  Although He was using us in a mighty way to bring people to Christ, I have always felt that He was calling us to much...much more.


In January 2010 we were in Haiti days after the earthquake.  During that year, and the numerous trips we took leading disaster relief teams, God made it very clear what He was calling us to.  God has called RTS Missions to play our role in His overall plan for the redemption of Haiti.


With roughly 10,000,000 people living in Haiti, and half (5,000,000) of those individuals being 18 years old or younger, our calling is to reach the future generations for Christ with an emphasis on orphaned and abandoned children.

The vision includes:
Phase 1:
  • Property to handle the developement of this phase.
  • Guest house accomodating 100 team members
  • Staff and additional guest housing
  • Children's Home for 50 orphaned, abandoned, and at risk Children
  • A secondary school (7th-13th grade) for 300 students
  • A multi-purpose conference/training facility
  • A fish farm training center
  • Agricultural training center
  • Medical Clinic
The guest house will allow us to facilitate multiple teams at one time ministering to multiple areas in the region.
The children's home will be a safe-haven for children who have no one to care for them including children that are rescued from child slavery (Restaveks).  These children will get the healing, care, love, and education that every child should be able to have.
Our secondary school will be used as an intensive discipleship mechanism in which children are selected based on gifts and prior academic excellence at the primary level. They will be taught Christian morals, values, and integrity while getting an excellent education. We will be graduating future community and faith based leaders with the hope, confidence, and perseverance needed to help create long term sustainable change in their country.
The multi-purpose center will be used for regional trainings for pastors and staff leaders, community leadership, and community developement.
Our fish and agricultural training centers will create much needed jobs for the community, help nationals in starting their own businesses to care for their families, and help subsidize our feeding programs in our schools and children homes.
Phase 2 through 4 are replications of phase one.  As we find our adjustments to phase one slowing down, and when God leads, we will duplicate what He has created in other strategic parts of Haiti providing jobs, education, and battling the hunger and malnutrition crisis.
Phase 1: Central Plateau
Phase 2: South
Phase 3: North West
Phase 4: Artibonite Valley
The reality of this vision could see 8-12 teams a month covering the entire country sharing the love of Christ, helping to disciple future generations, train pastors and community leaders, educate communities on agricultural farming, educating future generations, and the list goes on and on.
Our vision is to raise up a generation devoted to Christ with the hope and confidence needed to understand they can impact and change the nation they live in and the world.  We believe that by reaching, teaching, and sending  the most important resource Haiti has will eventually create the best model for long-term sustainable change in Haiti.​ 


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