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head of communications

United States

We are looking for someone to join our team to take on the crucial role of Head of Communications. Help to transform lives and communities by communicating what God is doing in Haiti and around the world. Use your communication gifts to build relationships and inspire people to get involved in God's work.


As Head of Communications, you will develop a strategy to communicate what God is doing in Haiti, as well as inspiring Christians to get involved in world missions through newsletters, emails, websites, blogs and other publicity materials.

Based with the dynamic U.S. team, the new Head of Communications will have the opportunity to develop and shape this vital role.


  • Great people skills

  • Good written English and proven skills in communications

  • A willingness to learn and serve

  • A heart for world missions

  • All U.S. staff secure their own funding by private donations.

Main tasks are dependent on the individual person's skills and gifting but may include:

  • Developing a communications strategy for RTS

  • Overseeing all communications, PR and marketing (delegating tasks to others as necessary or recruiting new team members/ volunteers)

  • Website maintenance using Wix or preferred method

  • Writing blogs and email updates

  • Writing/editing RTS’s monthly newsletter

  • Developing a media strategy

  • Marketing RTS’s events and programs

  • Multi-media presentations

The preferred candidate will reside in the Tampa, FL area, but we will consider candidates from other areas working from home office.  Candidate must be a mature follower of Christ, in fellowship with a local Church and in agreement with RTS’s statement of faith.

Our staff enjoys a casual work environment, as well as opportunities for personal and spiritual development.  Most of all, serving at RTS is an opportunity to live out God's purposes for your life by making an eternal impact in the lives of others.

This is a part time or full time, support raising position with our U.S. based team.  Qualified applicants should send a resume to:

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