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English as a Second Language Internship

Reaching, Teaching, and Sending

ESL Intern | Jimani


Internship Start Dates: January, May or August (Program length 3-12 months)

Description: ESL Interns will gain relevant experience in teaching ESL. They will help the ministry by providing the opportunity for children and adults in the community to learn English. They will have full classroom responsibilities including creating lesson plans and actual teaching of conversational English and the structure of the English language. This is an exciting opportunity to influence the lives and community of Jimani young and old. ESL Interns will work with students ranging in three levels of English.  Interns will also have the opportunity to incorporate the Bible in their teaching.

Skills/Background Needed: Enthusiastic, passionate people who love Jesus and can commit themselves to teaching English in Jimani. Must have training and/or experience in teaching English as a second language. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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